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USB Hub - birdcatx7 - 02-27-2016

I feel like this might be an overly simple question to ask, but I'd rather know for sure before I start spending money on "extras". Would I be correct in assuming that I can connect a USB hub to one of the two USB ports, to expand the number of USB devices used on a Pine64?

If yes, are there limitations such as number of active devices on one hub per port, or type of device? I'm considering a number of devices such as gamepads, where I might have multiple on a hub, or multiple gamepads connected to a usb adapter on one usb port on the hub (PSX multi-tap for instance). Also, external hard drives as well, to increase storage.

RE: USB Hub - Tarjei85 - 02-27-2016

It should work. I'm doing so with my android tablet all the time. I would recommend using a powered usb hub. Otherwise it can be a bit unstable.

When it comes to gamecontrollers i use my PS4 controllers (wirelessly over BT). But to make it work you need root access and an app called "sixaxis controller". This app manage up to 6 dualshock controllers simontaniously.

USB Hub - drag00n - 02-27-2016

AFAIK You should have no maximum devices, but are limited by USB bandwidth... For pads it should be no problem i think