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Armbian display manager issues - modsbyus - 02-08-2017

I have the pine64 2gb board with the touch LCD running armbian. everything with the LCD and touchscreen works. I am working on trying to get the display manager to work. When you boot it up, it does the autologin to the desktop for the user created on first run. Armbian uses the nodm (no display manager) by default. I removed that and installed lightdm as suggested on the getting started section on the armbian site. After rebooting I am presented with terminal only. I can login as what ever user I want and then run startx to get to the desktop but I still can't log out, or switch users or at any point get presented with a graphical login screen. If I remove lightdm and reinstall nodm it goes back to doing the autologin to the desktop.

Any wise folks run into this before?