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Some general guidance needed - pharris430 - 01-26-2017

So, first off if this has been asked before, apologies for repeating. 

My pine has collected dust for the past few months, since I ran into some issues with ubuntu and getting the pine to install and run some of the apps I needed (big data / hadoop etc.). That and wifi never running even though it does with android.

What I'd like to use my pine for is the following; 1) file server (2 1tb usb drives) 2) printer server and potentially media center 3) and pie in the sky a render server (would need a lot of work in win IoT for that).

I've tried to get the two latest android releases running (6.x and 7.x) but for some reason my touchscreen wouldn't work. On 5.1.1 it did work, but the touch part would not (on the 5.1.1 tv). On the android version that shipped with the pine i am able to access my usb drives, though no touch screen, and apparently no usb printer support in android what so ever.

So my question is, how would you all go about this? What os would you use, what configs, etc?

RE: Some general guidance needed - xalius - 01-28-2017

That's a lot of questions and use cases in one post, maybe come over to chat and let us help you a bit :-)