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Power Supply for Pine a64 (2GB) - Pip19083 - 01-21-2017

Hi, I'm a new member of this forum.
I joined to this forum because I want to buy a Pine a64 (2 GB RAM), but I'm not sure if I must also buy a power supply for Pine a64. My question is: I have many power supplies from old smartphones that end with microUSB-B, can this type of power supply works on a Pine a64 like the one I want to buy?
Thanks for helping.

RE: Power Supply for Pine a64 (2GB) - Luke - 01-22-2017


The Pine A64 requires at the very least a 2A 5V power supply unit with a thick (26 AWG) microUSB cable. For more information about what you need to get started please check the Wiki. [edit] since you're looking at the 2GB model you may want to get a 2.5 A PSU. Trust this helps.