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Low-Level-GPIO-Access - Thoams131 - 01-10-2017

Just as a disclaimer: I don't have an Pine, yet but I will buy one, soon.

I was wondering how to access the GPIO-Pins directly (like the PORT[...]-Registers on AVR or wiringPi for the Raspberry). How to set the Pins of PortL is written pretty detailed on Page 410 of the A64 User Manual. But what about the other Ports?

Thanks in advance!

RE: Low-Level-GPIO-Access - martinayotte - 01-11-2017

There is this library for python, but could be used also by linking with gpio_lib.o provided.

RE: Low-Level-GPIO-Access - Thoams131 - 01-11-2017

Sounds great! Thank you very much!