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RE: Acrylic enclosure for PINE A64 - killor - 07-29-2016

HI !

This week I'm finishing design a new enclosure for Pine 64, more higher, to can accommodate, development boards, fan, etc ..

[Image: file.php?id=205]
[Image: file.php?id=204]
In short days will be ready for sale,  platforms online sales, like Amazon, eBay, etc.

[Image: file.php?id=203]
The idea is to be able to stack..
[Image: file.php?id=202][Image: file.php?id=206]

It will hollow to put mini fan.

and I will include extra hardware (mini switches) together with the KIT RTC battery holder

for power and reset function ..

Thank you !!

PS: In addition for each purchase,
you're working with an animal protection.

For every sale we make the envelope comes


[Image: apasobres.jpg]
[Image: quienes(1).jpg]

RE: Acrylic enclosure for PINE A64 - killor - 08-12-2016

Hi !

Thi is the Assembly instructions video..

Acrylic DIY enclosure for Pine64 A64+ with Battery Holder.Acryl-Gehäuse DIY CASE Carcasa