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Analog RGB output - Doro - 12-20-2016


I want to build Android CarPC Wink

I have in dash monitor with Kenwook KNA-G520 Navigation unit.
In current navi i have 13 pin din cable
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=50195&d=1206027838]

I need video output 480Hx234VxRGB

How do you think there are any chances to turn Navigation by pine64?

RE: Analog RGB output - scanff - 12-20-2016

Are you looking to output the signal from the GPS to the pine? If so yes it probably is possible. Best bet would be to look at the CSI port in the pine user manual. The data would need to be 8bit RGB digital so you'd need an A/D between the the two. The GPS unit outputs Analog RBG like VGA I presume?

If memory serves the pine has an A/D but you'll have to read over the Datasheet and User Manuals.