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Pine64 E-ink screen - Android - projectileobjects - 12-19-2016

I like the idea of using the Pine64 as a little writing computer running android and basic various writing apps (Evernote, Instapaper, Fade In).  Replacement screens appear on eBay for about $15 and there are a number of pi experiments with them.

Ebay screen examples:

Has anyone attempted this?


RE: Pine64 E-ink screen - Android - g_t_j - 11-11-2017

Have you had any luck with this?
I'm interested in building a weather display.

RE: Pine64 E-ink screen - Android - kahlenberg - 11-14-2017

I am interested in E-ink screen with Android as well.
Is there any solution for that?
I want to make Android device with e-ink screen. Which driver IC should I use? Is there any driver for Android?

RE: Pine64 E-ink screen - Android - clamum - 06-25-2019

Has anyone ever did anything with an e-ink device or weather device?

I'm interested in finally doing something with my Pine64 board (it's only been several years since I got it) but I'm not sure what to do. At first I was thinking of an Android system for my car but with my cell phone (and Echo Auto) I don't think that would really be beneficial/useful.

So I'm looking for something else. All I've done with my Pine board was put Android on it, shortly after I received it (I was a backer on Kickstarter, or where ever it was).

RE: Pine64 E-ink screen - Android - Silk - 12-03-2020

Any updates on this? 

Love the idea of using this as an e-reader