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RE: Ham RAdio - Rick Oztown - 02-10-2016

(12-12-2015, 11:27 AM)ChasFred Wrote: Greetings, Just wondering if there are any Ham Radio operators here with plans to use this with their station operation.


I'm certainly interested in finding niches to slide in this device to improve on aspects of ham radio. I've been a ham for over 55 years; there's always something to learn in ham radio!!


RE: Ham RAdio - Johnny - 02-16-2016

I have a Beaglebone Black running Synchronet BBS with a TNC-Black attached to an HT, for a mobile packet BBS. I haven't set it up in production at the moment, mostly a proof of concept. Unfortunately, I don't really care for the Beaglebone, compared to the Raspberry Pi, and would prefer to have built the TNC-Pi. (

That said, it shouldn't be difficult to get either of these TNCs (or a USB/serial TNC-X) working on a PINE64 for some old school 1200bps fun!

On another amateur radio note, PINE64 might be a good, inexpensive candidate as a Broadband-Hamnet node at some point too! (


RE: Ham RAdio - kb1qzh - 02-17-2016

I'll be looking to use mine for radio.
Wanted to get he playbox but I don't want to wait until April for the screen. I'll get those later.


RE: Ham RAdio - Jcoman - 03-11-2016

I have several things I plan to do with my Pine 64's. 

I'm dedicating one to being the heart of an antenna analyzer, another to broadcast via the internet a live audio stream of nearby repeater and another to running WSPR full time. Of course this all assumes that the various Linux distros will run on these - but I'm gambling that the popularity of this project means that it has attracted enough people with skills in different areas than mine who will get OS'es like Ubuntu running well on these boards.

Of course I really like the fact that they are so cheap that I can dedicate them to one task only. 



RE: Ham RAdio - Coneman - 04-02-2016

I am hoping to get fldigi to work on the PineA64


RE: Ham RAdio - quadband - 04-09-2016

I am working on an implementation of remote/cloud controlled IoT with Amateur Radio called Solderless. It's a subset of the Rabble platform, but specifically made for Amateur Radio and to run locally, without a central server. I've got some nifty things brewing with it, including remote TNC, remote control, and offloading data mode decoding to the "server" and kicking it back to the Control Canvas.

Rabble has these things baked in and a bit more, so it is currently the lead project. However, I am pushing things into Solderless as quickly as I am able.

RE: Ham RAdio - phonetic - 04-26-2016

Looking to use  Pine64  with SDRPlay RSP as remote Web SDR server 100khz to 2Ghz at my country weekender off grid solar powered site, open for advice and suggestions Smile

RE: Ham RAdio - KE4JGX - 04-27-2016

(12-12-2015, 11:27 AM)ChasFred Wrote: Greetings, Just wondering if there are any Ham Radio operators here with plans to use this with their station operation.


After I get comfortable with my 2 units I am thinking about seeing what can be done with Ham Radio and them, have another Ham friend interested in them also.


RE: Ham RAdio - jocover - 05-27-2016

websdr work on my pine64

RE: Ham RAdio - rneese - 06-09-2016

I have started working to make a repeater board for the pine64 like we have done with the raspi 2 . and hope to have a proto soon. but until I recieve my board for testing it will be hard to fully test as we are putting a i2s sound chip and a few things I cant test till we have the board. the other parts we can test with the pi as its the same pin out and there for we know it will work