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Pine64 sales are useless - panoflex - 09-22-2016

Edit. all it took was this post and another message on paypal to get them to refund me. all done.

RE: Pine64 sales are useless - pfeerick - 09-22-2016

(09-22-2016, 05:24 PM)panoflex Wrote: Is this board even worth my hassle of dealing with cave dwellers again or should I just buy another board?

It really depends on what your intended use is, your expectations and level of knowledge.

If you want a board with GbE, plenty of I/O pins, optional BT&wifi via a module (rather than USB), support for IR onboard, support for LCD/touch/camera, lithium battery powerable/chargeable and are willing to fiddle with it, hang out on the forum and IRC when it won't co-operate, then you can't go wrong. It's great for headless linux, can run Android, and can even do some reasonable desktop work.

If you want a refined product/board that you can just install an image on it, and that there is great documentation for, then I'd go with something else. Whilst I'm happy with this board, and I know other people are, it is still very much a work in process! Wink