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Pine 64 in a pine box :) - sgjava - 09-17-2016

Pine 64 in a pine box Smile The Pine 64 is already augmented with heat sinks and a fan. Added an Odroid wifi module 3 and USB camera. All ready for my computer vision projects. I don't need no stinking laser cutter or 3D printer when I have a rotatory tool. and old cigar box.

[Image: G9O9z9NNJz6bmWGCATYo7Sj1aiGCmNYynkDp4Za_...9-h3014-no]
[Image: -H6t4Ix88qeLTZ_7DgiGEOLxRlBBJwhHfD1crFfE...9-h3014-no]

RE: Pine 64 in a pine box :) - Zoidiano0 - 09-17-2016

Look cooll
nice Work Big Grin

RE: Pine 64 in a pine box :) - clarkss12 - 09-17-2016


RE: Pine 64 in a pine box :) - killor - 09-27-2016

convenient and Great!

RE: Pine 64 in a pine box :) - sgjava - 11-17-2016

(09-27-2016, 07:44 AM)killor Wrote: convenient and Great!

I look at it as a free box and some excellent smokes Smile

Pine 64 in pine box upgrade. I switched to a quiet 12V fan that I'm going to mount outside. I added a 20000 mah power bank for $13.99 (probably closer to 10000 mah, but for the money that's OK). I'm powering a ODROID wifi adapter, USB camera and 12V fan besides the Pine 64. It will be interesting how log it will run in an idle state. I'll run some load tests streaming the camera over wifi to get a realistic picture of real run time on the portable power.

I use this same power bank to power a small boom box with 3.5" speakers. That will play MP3s at half volume for almost a day.

[Image: IMG_20161117_175718.jpg][Image: IMG_20161117_180401.jpg]

RE: Pine 64 in a pine box :) - MarkHaysHarris777 - 11-18-2016

Fabulous ...   I love it !