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Rooted Android 5.1.1 - Phone, Dialler & SMS - Green Cherry - 09-06-2016


I've installed the rooted version of Lollipop and it's very impressive!

Having plugged a 3G USB dongle for phone / text capability, I've noticed that there are no stock apps related to eitrher the phone or SMS. I installed an SMS app (ZERO SMS), and can successfully send a text, but cannot receive one.

With regards to the phone capability, as there doesn't appear to be a dialler, I obviously can't make calls. When I call the number on the SIM within the dongle, it rings, so it is definitely online (also demonstrated by the signal status), but there is no further screen interaction.

I've found a link to the Google Dialler (, but opening it up within the Play Store informs me that my device is incompatible, therefore I cannot download it. At a push, I could probably spoof the model to enable the download & installation, but there is no guarantee it would work.

The /System/App/ folder doesn't appear to have anything relevant. I've found many APKs which purport to be from stock ROMs, but I'm dubious about compatability & source.

Has anyone managed to successfully enable their Pine Android to both make & receive calls & texts?

RE: Rooted Android 5.1.1 - Phone, Dialler & SMS - mikey0000 - 09-09-2016

You would have to change the device properties that it submits to the play store to include calling etc. You should be able to flash Gapps to install the required libraries for SMS, as for receiving you'd probably need to write your own layer to integrate it with the Android OS.

RE: Rooted Android 5.1.1 - Phone, Dialler & SMS - dkryder - 09-10-2016

google phone is on apkmirror

as far as sms you could try hangouts.