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Touchscreen display mods - atomicSoC - 08-26-2016

Hello all, 
I'm looking for some answers you may be able to help me with. I have a screen from a Kindle Fire HD7 and curious whether or not it can be adapted for use with my Pine+? 
I also have a smaller non touchscreen LCD from an old baby monitor that I would like to try. 
Any help would be most appreciated!

RE: Touchscreen display mods - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-26-2016


RE: Touchscreen display mods - pfeerick - 08-26-2016

Unfortunatley, unless you are really, really lucky that one of those dispays has a compatiable LCD controller, there is little chance of it working with the pine64. Running character displays like a 16x2 LCD are pretty easy, as they are pretty simple, and there are a lot of guides on using them. Due to the complexity of colur displays (such as the Kindle one) (ie. having to controll every pixel individualy, specifying colour, intenity etc,), and not knowing the protocol that a particular display controller might use, or even the pinout order of the ribbon cable (which you can't bypass if it uses a on-ribbon controller IC, it will be hard at best to get the display to do anything, let alone anything useful. The guys are pine64 did the hard work of matching a display wwith the pine64 and setting up the necessary code to get it working in a plug an play manner, hiding the complexity of the software interface and connection from us users! Big Grin