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No playbox yet, Sooooo.... - Severian - 08-25-2016

I took an old desktop pc case I had, stripped it down and mounted my Pine64 in it. I stripped the power supply down to the external cord connector and switch, allows me to switch it on and of easily. Mounted a small cpu fan under the board for a little cooling, and left the original case fan. Wired in a power strip for the power supplies for the pine64, cooling fans and speaker power. Wired up the front usb ports to a usb plug for the pine so both front usb ports on the case work. Then mounted a speaker on the front of the case. Granted, I would have to remove the cover to swap out sd cards, but i'm primarily using it to learn ubuntu, so not an issue right now. Lol, takes up some space, but hey, it works.


RE: No playbox yet, Sooooo.... - montero65 - 08-25-2016

Pretty cool, like it

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RE: No playbox yet, Sooooo.... - Bluphire - 08-25-2016

Very clever. I like it. Now.... where did I stash that old computer?

RE: No playbox yet, Sooooo.... - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-25-2016

very nice...