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Android 5.1.1 TV (old-stable, no longer maintained) - ayufan - 08-25-2016


The last couple of days I have been working on making our Pine A64 useful, at least in some way. It took some time, but progress is quite promising. Maybe someone would be interested in trying it out.


- I can play Youtube videos and cast them from Phone or Browser,
- I can control Pine using my TV pilot (using HDMI CEC),
- The WiFi appears to not be connecting (but discovering) solved,
- I had troubles with working Bluetooth solved,
- 4K@30fps appears to be working,
- I can run Plex and cast videos using Plex app,
- I can use Android Remote on Mobile,
- I can use Spotify Connect,
- Google Play is not working after first update: this device is not supported, blabla solved,
- Standby over HDMI-CEC doesn't work, when TV sends a standby command and then Power On, Pine will not wake up (disable Auto standby on TV for now).

How to compile?

Tutorial how to compile sources is already written: Skip only `extract-bsp` part since the kernel is already updated.

How to install?

Download compressed image from:

You can use RasPlex Installer to copy it to card, just point to downloaded image file:

There's a problem with DPI on the first boot. When you see a welcome screen you have to reboot Pine.


If someone decides to try this. Please post your `dmesg` log and `adb logcat`. You can connect with `adb` over IP address, like this: `adb connect IP`.

Create an issue here:

List of my improvements

- rewrote HDMI CEC kernel driver for our 3.10 and pine64 longsleep sources: and,
- write HDMI CEC hardware driver for Android:
- configure tulip-chiphd to behave as Android TV:
- add 4K output for Android TV (you have to enable Developer options, then Developer Options -> General -> HDMI resolution and choose from 720p, 1080p, 4k@30fps), it even appears to be working on my 4K Dell screen:
- extend Android TV build:
- make the build to behave as fugu to make Google Store to detect this system as only Android TV compatible
- disable IPv6 support to mitigate problems with Allwinner media player which doesn't support IPv6 when playing movies over network
- wrote Power Management module for Android, making this build a 15% faster then original,
- have fully reproducible builds and use CI to build Android images

RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - ayufan - 08-26-2016

Nice. It seems to work reliably. It did work OK for over one night now Smile

Android TV with HDMI and 4K - listenfree - 08-26-2016

I didn't try yet,It's a wonderful work!

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RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - clarkss12 - 08-26-2016

I will try it when I get time. One question, if WiFi does not connect, how do you connect? I can't get Ethernet to work under Android or Remix OS.

Thanks for putting this together.

Android TV with HDMI and 4K - listenfree - 08-26-2016

@clarkss12,maybe you can try to use 100m ethernet lan router

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RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - ayufan - 08-26-2016

I use Ethernet connected to It works reliably for me, using 1Gbps and 100Mbps. All development I were doing on Ethernet.

It is strange, because WiFi should work too.

RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - VAAviator - 08-26-2016

Thank You for doing this work. For many of us,  this is why we bought the Pine64.  Sorry the Pine Team did not get a working TV image.

I hope you can get the wifi working soon as well as Playstore.

Can you give us exact install procedures or create an image that we can just put on the SD Card and run.

RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - ayufan - 08-26-2016

I don't see why wifi is not working, since everything is there and should be OK.

Right now follow the procedure from above to install it against the current image.

One more thing. I fixed Bluetooth settings to be ON by default. This is required for Android TV.

RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - ayufan - 08-26-2016

I also fixed Wifi. It connects and works reliably now Smile

RE: Android TV with HDMI and 4K - ayufan - 08-26-2016

Other change is that default resolution is 1080p, previously 720p.

Playstore seems to be working after tweaking build.prop and configuring:


Disabling IPv6 solves a missing video on Google Movies.