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ABS cases - shipping news - janeku - 08-14-2016

Hello to every one.
I did not see any information regarding missing ABS cases except info that they will be shipped starting end of July. Today is August 14th.
Has any one received confirmation e-mail his ABS case has been shippdor still nothing ?
Sending e-mail to Pine company is useless knowing their response time and pattern answer we get every time on our questions.

RE: ABS cases - shipping news - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-14-2016

hi janeku,

When the ABS cases are available everyone will be notified of that fact. Please be considerate and refrain from posting threads indicating that you are impatient, and that Pine is somehow culpable of malfeasance.

The cases will be available when they are available; whining about it on this public forum is not going to speed up the process , nor is it helpful generally.

Thanks for your understanding. After you have reviewed this post, I will close and delete this thread.

Note: this thread is closed