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Basic Pine64 Server Set-Up Guide - rallar8 - 08-12-2016

If you have any suggestions or questions I will try to resond. I will probably try to get another part of the guide up soon.

This should totally work with any of the pine64's  - my own setup - much more complicated and layered - has a 1.5 gigs of free ram.

Hopefully by next Monday I will have a guide setup for how to setup containers.

I was trying to post on here but formatting turned into a nightmare - probably my own fault.

RE: Basic Pine64 Server Set-Up Guide - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-12-2016

hi, write it up and try again; I will make a 'sticky' note from it.

My suggestions would be the same I make to those trying to build web pages; keep it simple, left justified, use simple headings, and italics, and keep the fonts normal.

I will close and remove your previous post.