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No news about my order - sergio - 08-09-2016


I ordered a PINE64 A64+ 1GB board on 24/02/2016, but I never received any tracking number and still wainting for the board (about 6 months).
Order #102223072.

I sent 2 emails to sales, no answer.

Maybe I can get information from this forum ?

Thanks ..

RE: No news about my order - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-09-2016

hi serkio, tllim monitors this site frequently; I have no doubt that he will forward you concern to shipping-- he has a very good track record. Smile

sit tight, this will be resolved soon

RE: No news about my order - sergio - 08-20-2016


Thank you for your answer. But I still waiting ...
Why no one answers to my emails ?

If any supervisor, manager, creator or commercial of Pine64 see this message, please answer !
Please make a refund if you are not able to send it, I can understand that you have maybe thousands and thousands of orders ... but I this case just write an email to explain that your logistic is not optimized.

For me answering to customers is the most important thing, n°1.
You took my money, then you disappeared : this is not serious.

Sorry I'm a little angry but please understand. 6 months of waiting !

Best regards