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Zelda Android PlayBox - Cloakboy - 08-08-2016

Just thought I'd share my project I've been working on.  I'm building an Android playbox for my son, which is running emulators for NES, SNES, N64, and others.  I wanted it to be all enclosed in a fun box to take hither and yon with a battery for long car rides.  I still have some work to do (waiting on the longer screen cables from the playbox kit to mount the touch screen in the top), but here is progress thus far.

Delivery Day
[Image: 01.jpg?psid=1]

Putting it all together for a quick test
[Image: 02.jpg?psid=1]

Decided to do the Zelda chest.  All this to go in there.
[Image: 03.jpg?psid=1]

Cutting access holes.  Bought mini-extensions to expose instead of trying to get the board port cutouts just right... plus the sizing just wasn't right for it. 
[Image: 04.jpg?psid=1]

First coat of stain I stained around the detail
[Image: 08.jpg?psid=1]

Second coat I stained over detail
[Image: 09.jpg?psid=1]

Add the gold finish to the detail
[Image: 10.jpg?psid=1]

Rear tri-force
[Image: 11.jpg?psid=1]

Here are the guts sans-touchscreen (that is currently laying on a foam board on top awaiting longer display cables from playbox kit)
[Image: 12.jpg?psid=1]

Here it is all plugged in and running!  Usb thing is just wireless 360 controller receiver which I want to build into it as well.  One thing I don't like is the fact that I can't run to HDMI when running only on battery... which kinda stinks but ok.
[Image: 13.jpg?psid=1]

RE: Zelda Android PlayBox - xalius - 08-08-2016

I like this a lot :-) thanks for the report!

RE: Zelda Android PlayBox - Luke - 08-08-2016

nice !

RE: Zelda Android PlayBox - Bluphire - 08-08-2016

So dope.

RE: Zelda Android PlayBox - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-09-2016

Totally fab, really... I really like this a lot...     Big Grin