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Progress on Wifi Chip - frtodd - 05-01-2024

New post today:

Quote:Greetings, @pine64 #PineTab2 users!

We have pushed a new kernel (v6.8.6-danctnix2) to the repository.

The new kernel introduces the new #BES2600 community driver which works with suspend.

Power consumption is not tested.

#DanctNIX #ArchLinuxARM

I've not tried it yet, but looking forward to updating my tablet!

RE: Progress on Wifi Chip - Corconegre - 05-18-2024

Someone tried it succesfully?
I updated but can't manage to get it working

RE: Progress on Wifi Chip - frtodd - 05-18-2024

(05-18-2024, 09:58 AM)Corconegre Wrote: Someone tried it succesfully?
I updated but can't manage to get it working

Internal wifi, including shutting down and sleeping, has been working OK by me.  Huh

RE: Progress on Wifi Chip - explit - 06-13-2024

But MAC Address is still random...

RE: Progress on Wifi Chip - dachalife - 06-14-2024

I’m looking at it as more of a feature than a bug and I hope it won’t change. I like my privacy and the major mobile players used to have it enabled by default as well for the last decade or so.

I bought my PT2 in May/23 & I am still pretty happy with the way it is. I have other work issued devices, but for the majority of work I need it for, it’s great. The only bad part is my PBP has been relegated to desk duty these days.

RE: Progress on Wifi Chip - acruhl - 07-06-2024

Lots of pauses in ssh. Web browsing seems to work fine. Don't know why that would be.

I'll check into the randomized mac. I don't mind that but I would prefer a knob to control it. I'm not sure if the driver allows for that, I need to research it.

# ethtool -S wlan0
NIC statistics:
    rx_packets: 17855
    rx_bytes: 16068521
    rx_duplicates: 1
    rx_fragments: 17841
    rx_dropped: 1
    tx_packets: 12445
    tx_bytes: 2299660
    tx_filtered: 0
    tx_retry_failed: 1
    tx_retries: 4207
    sta_state: 4
    txrate: 150000000
    rxrate: 39000000
    signal: 212
    channel: 0
    noise: 18446744073709551615
    ch_time: 18446744073709551615
    ch_time_busy: 18446744073709551615
    ch_time_ext_busy: 18446744073709551615
    ch_time_rx: 18446744073709551615
    ch_time_tx: 18446744073709551615

My mac address does not seem to be randomized by default.