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OpenBSD install on eMMC without serial - dcnetfan - 04-10-2024

Good day everyone,

I just purchased a new RockPro64 + official aluminium case + 128GB eMMC flash + rtc battery holder but the mistake I made is that I did not know in advance to order an usb serial console or an usb adapter for eMMC.

Now the big challange is to install OpenBSD into eMMC flash without these.
I connected the device to my computer(windows 10) USB port using usb A to RockPro64 USB c OTG port and after installing windows driver assistant I can successfully see it successfully detected with AndroidTool_Release_v2.38 in Maskrom mode.

I am thinking that this might help to flash OpenBSD required files and install it to eMMC card without having a physical serial console.

I downloaded already from OpenBSD official link( the required files:
the bootloader binaries named: u-boot-aarch64 and and dtb binary packages
from u-boot-aarch64-2021.10p10.tgz:
- idbloader.img
- u-boot.itb
- u-boot-rockchip.bin
and from dtb-6.5.tgz
- rk3399-rockpro64-v2.dtb

And of course I downloaded OpenBSD img file.

Your help would be really appreciated if you can provide me some tips on how should I flash these without serial, only using AndroidTool_Release_v2.38 downloaded from , Miscellaneous tools section.

RE: OpenBSD install on eMMC without serial - KC9UDX - 04-12-2024

You shouldn't need a serial connection.  You can prepare a bootable micro-sd card.  Boot from that first.

Have you seen this?

I run NetBSD and I don't have any experience with OpenBSD.  But I think installation would be similar.  I made a bootable micro-sd and then copied the first part of that to eMMC and then installed NetBSD.

I used NetBSD for the micro-SD (and you could too, since the pre-built images are so easy to use).  But you could use Linux or anything else, too. Then install OpenBSD to the eMMC.