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pinephone virtual keyboard - aular - 04-04-2024

Does anybody know where you can download a virtual keyboard for use with the pinephone. Do you need to download the phosh, keyboard or plasma keyboard or is there a package keyboard that can work for a short time?

RE: pinephone virtual keyboard - Kevin Kofler - 04-04-2024

What distribution and "desktop" environment are you using? Normally, anything targeting the PinePhone is supposed to already come with a virtual keyboard, you should not have to download one manually.

RE: pinephone virtual keyboard - aular - 04-05-2024

Thats what im trying to do aside from having one come with the desktop or mobile environment, no matter which i use.
The keyboard package, im trying to download one seperate from any invironment and use seperately. im looking on the net just not finding a open source package, everything is either android or iphone.

RE: pinephone virtual keyboard - Kevin Kofler - 04-09-2024

You are expected to use the virtual keyboard that comes with your desktop environment.

RE: pinephone virtual keyboard - aular - 04-10-2024

I do think i found something that might help me out.