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Rock64 No Audio @ Debian 12 - dmitrymyadzelets - 03-15-2024

How to reproduce:
  • InstallĀ Debian 12
  • Observe the "platform analog-sound: deferred probe pending" message in the output of dmesg
Expected: no such message.

The above is the root of the problem, IMHO.

Additionally, you may:
  • Install alsa-utils
  • Observe no analog-sound in the output of alsa -l command, but spdif-sound and hdmi-sound do exist.

Expected: Three sound interfaces: analog-sound, spdif-sound, hdmi-sound (as described in the Device Tree file located in /boot/dtbs/.../rk3328-rock64.dtb).

Linux rock 6.1.0-18-arm64 #1 SMP Debian 6.1.76-1 (2024-02-01) @ Rock64 v2

RE: Rock64 No Audio @ Debian 12 - diederik - 03-18-2024

I can confirm to NOT see an Analog audio card on my Rock64 V2 with Debian 12 (Bookworm), but I also do have SPDIF and HDMI.

IIRC it used to have Analog too, so this seems like a kernel regression.
Via you can find various older 6.1 kernel versions.
Could you try if the Analog card does appear with an older 6.1 kernel?
Ideally the range between working and not working is as small as possible, so the range for the regression is as small as possible.

RE: Rock64 No Audio @ Debian 12 - dmitrymyadzelets - 04-08-2024

@diederik Thank you for the reply. Could you give me a hint about how to try other kernels without fear to loose the system, please? I would try both older and newer versions.