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AI posts - KC9UDX - 02-20-2024

Is it proper to report AI posts as "spam content"?

If not, is there a better way to report them; or, should we not report them at all?

RE: AI posts - tophneal - 02-20-2024

As a mod, I'd say if they're spammy, report them as spam. Then a moderator can take a look at it and better determine the course of action.

Are there any example you can cite? I'll be happy to take a look at them and give better insight as to how I'd handle the post type.

RE: AI posts - KC9UDX - 02-20-2024

I have been reporting them as spam, and they seem to have been since deleted.  So unfortunately I can't cite any at there moment.  However, when I see them again, I'll report them in this thread before reporting them as spam.

Typically it is an account's only post, and it is a generic answer with what appear to be simple web search answers in reply to a previous post.  A coupe of times I noticed answers using words from other posts in the forum, especially notable to me because they were my own peculiar words.

I guess the reason I ask is because they don't really fit the definition of spam; that is, they're not advertising anything. But they're at the least not helpful as replies.

RE: AI posts - KC9UDX - 02-21-2024

Here is one

RE: AI posts - Kevin Kofler - 02-21-2024

This is something that has also been annoying me for a while. There are a lot of such posts that seem clearly AI-generated: they contribute little to nothing to the topic, just giving general information that anybody could find on Wikipedia (or even further up in the very same topic!), sometimes they necropost many months old threads, and sometimes the information is even outright misleading. Then there are also sometimes posts where I am not sure whether it is a real person who is really confused or speaks English very poorly or an AI.

RE: AI posts - tophneal - 02-21-2024

(02-21-2024, 04:22 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: Here is one

Just saw another like this in a thread about the current state of pinenote development. The replying post literally cited the title of the OP's thread as a consistently updated thread with news of ongoing development. (it wasn't.)

Absolutely report these. If they're providing nothing to the conversation but filler and fluff, and in all other areas are acting like spammers, I will delete and ban them like spammers.

RE: AI posts - KC9UDX - 02-26-2024

It seems we even have an AI bot complaining about AI bots.  Rolleyes

RE: AI posts - Kevin Kofler - 04-02-2024

While I agree that we should have a dedicated "AI-generated" report option, the above post [UPDATE: now deleted after I reported it] suggesting it ironically looks like it was itself AI-generated.

RE: AI posts - KC9UDX - 04-02-2024

There may be more AI going on here than most of us realise

This one must be AI
But re-reading this one, I think it is, too

RE: AI posts - Kevin Kofler - 04-02-2024

The newer one (thread 19167) is a bot for sure, but looks more than a dumb plagiarizer than an actual generating AI, unless the old post and the new one were generated by the same AI with the same settings, random seed, etc.

In the older one, it is mainly that last "routerlogin" line that does not make sense and makes the whole post look like bot/AI output.