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Compiling with -j6 on the Pinebook Pro (Overheat) - KC9UDX - 02-14-2024

I have 2 PBPs that I sometimes do a lot of compiling with.

One is from 2020.  I never used all 6 CPUs when compiling, or if I did, I throttled the two faster CPUs: due to the problem of using more power than the power supply can supply.

The other is from 2023 (or was it 2022?) and has the improved charging circuit.  I used this one the same way, because, if I use all 6 CPUs unthrottled, it will overheat and reboot.  For some reason, I thought this was just a shortcoming of this SOC.

But recently I did some short runs using full power on the 2023 model (not getting it hot enough to reboot), and I accidentally used the same configuration on the 2020 model.  I found out that, except for the expected battery depletion, the 2020 one never overheats and reboots.

Does anyone else have a newer one that overheats like this?  Or have I been dealing with a flaky PBP all along?