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Installing Wifi drive for the RockPro64 - John45595 - 02-10-2024

I am trying to install Debian on the RockPro64 and I am having trouble getting the wifi drivers to be recognized by the installer. Without these I can not finish installing the OS.

At present I have tried formatting a USB stick to FAT32 and adding the files from here to a folder named "firmware" on the USB stick however the installer can not identify these files and keeps throwing an error stating the following files are missing:


I can't install the OS without getting the wifi working so I am not entirely sure how to go about rectifying this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I be using a different OS? Is it a requirement to have a wired internet connection when you first install Debian?

If there are no other options I can go somewhere with a wired connection and install the OS and try and get the wifi firmware installed once the OS is already installed however I would like to avoid that if possible.