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Forum Recommendations for Pine64 support? - backwoodstech2 - 02-04-2024

Hi everyone!

I've been searching for a solution to fan related issues for my RockPro64 including this site, Armbian stuff, and OMV. I've found a couple of related issues in sites outside this one but haven't posted there yet. 

Based on the cadence of posts & responses found in the RockPro64 sub-forum on this site, I'm not very optimistic my inquiry will have any response. 

Could anyone recommend any active forums where there might be some better hope at engaging a user base for this hardware? 

If it helps, I'm running the Armbian variant of Bookworm on my RockPro. 

I'm not here to say I'm disappointed with my RockPro setup. Quite the opposite in fact. That being said more recently have had some thoughts about maybe I should have chosen a device with a more robust support system (if not from the user base, then at least from the manufacturer).  

I very much appreciate anyone's insight!