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PineTime turns off when removed from cradle - tynstar - 01-31-2024

Last week I got my sealed PineTime. I could connect to it using GadgetBridge from my Android Phone and flash it with InfiniTime 1.14.0.

It seems to work fine in general - but only while it's in the charging cradle!

The moment I remove it from the cradle, ...
  • I can no longer wake the watch by tapping the screen.

  • I can no longer wake the watch by pressing the physical button. It doesn't matter how long I press - I tried short, a few seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds

  • GadgetBridge says that the watch is no longer connected.

  • Re-running the bluetooth device search in GadgetBridge does not find the watch either.
    I also tried removing the device from GadgetBridge first. In that case, the device shows up in the search results. When I do not connect but remove the watch from its cradle, the device disappears from the search results page instantly.

When I put the watch back on the cradle, I get the Pine64 logo animation (being filled with green), then the watch face appears. The watch still has my settings. At that point, GadgetBridge can connect to it again just fine (or find it in case I removed the device earlier).

While it's in the cradle, when I navigate to the on-device "Battery" screen, it mostly reports a battery level of 99% and that it is charging with 3.4 volts. Sometimes the value displayed there is about 80% instead, and I think I saw it claimed charging at ~4 volts at that time. Once, I also saw an alleged battery level of 0% in GadgetBridge.

In a thread about a similar problem, I read the advice of completely draining the watch battery over the course of 7 days. However, that probably has not happened yet as it's been only about 5 or 6 days. I checked the watch again today, so I will have to wait 7+ more days from now. Anyway, once I have done that, what are the exact steps I should take?