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Manjaro network problem late 2023 - acruhl - 01-19-2024

I have Manjaro installed on both eMMC and NVME in my Pinebook Pro. 

At some point in the last few weeks or month maybe, networking stopped working on both installs. I get the box with the red icon on the bottom.

I plug in a known good USB WiFi dongle, but it doesn't show up in ifconfig or "ip a". 

Dmesg does show the device connecting.

I assume something broke in Manjaro.

I have Armbian on a MicroSD card and there are no network problems with it.

Has anyone seen this?

RE: Manjaro network problem late 2023 - Kevin Kofler - 01-19-2024

We will need more details to figure out what exactly is broken. Does the dongle show up in lsusb? Does it show up in nmcli device status? Is WiFi enabled in NetworkManager (i.e., does nmcli radio wifi return enabled)?