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Where PinePhone Pro are Made - Tony90 - 01-18-2024

Hello there,

I am new here and owner of PinePhone pro, As far as i know that Pine64 products are made in Taiwan, but when received my phone and checked the shipping tracking it was originated from Hong Kong China, even my shipment was designated to Taiwan, can someones shed the light on this.


RE: Where PinePhone Pro are Made - Kevin Kofler - 01-18-2024

Where have you read the Taiwan story? As far as I know, Pine64 is Hong-Kong-based and produces in mainland China (I guess mostly in Shenzhen, which is right next to Hong Kong and which is famous for its electronics industry).

By the way, even companies based elsewhere in the world produce their smartphones in mainland China. Apple (US company) does it, Samsung (South Korean company) does it, etc.