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Pinebook Pro for sale - tomekdev - 12-28-2023

Hi everyone!

I'm about to sell my Pinebook Pro because it annoys me too much due to it's design flaws. It's barrel port does not charge the battery (propably some part of charging circuit has fried). However when laptop is powered on through barrel port, without battery, with bypass connected it does power on and at certain point shuts down (probably fried IC causes too high power draw). On battery Pinebook Pro boots and works without any issues (well, kind of).

Issues that annoy me:
- very slow charging through USB-C (when disabled it takes about 4 hours to charge from empty to full),
- annoying noise from speakers when audio codec wakes up,
- when playing loud music speakers cause voltage drops and disconnects USB buses (including keyboard and touchpad).

Details about the laptop:
- updated touchpad/keyboard IC: touchpad works perfectly and very precisely better than in ASUS Chromebook C201PA (which I still own),
- installed official U-boot (master branch, compiled by myself in August 2023),
- installed Devuan unstable with XFCE (mainline kernel 6.5.8),
- configured suspend mode as s2idle because from deep sleep it never wakes up (should try linux-rockchip branch on,
- probably part of charging circuit has fried, USB-C charging works without issues (except that it is slow), DC barrel charging and USB-C charging works without issues, original DC barrel adapter was faulty,
- case without cracks or any other noticeable damages case has cracked under USB ports (another typical design flaw of this laptop), no other damages,
- manufactured in April 2022,
- full battery can last around 5-8 hours of web browsing, source code editing

I want to sell it for 170 euros.

If nobody will be interested I will throw it's battery to trash and design my own power supply circuit with battery rated at 7.6V to eliminate all stupid design flaws mentioned above

RE: Pinebook Pro for sale - frankkinney - 01-30-2024

Hello, is it still available now? I want to buy.

RE: Pinebook Pro for sale - tomekdev - 02-01-2024

(01-30-2024, 10:38 PM)frankkinney Wrote: Hello, is it still available now? I want to buy

Hi, yes. I am still planning to sell it. However recently the case has cracked under USB ports (only cosmetic disadvantage, typical to these laptops). Besides this it is fully functional. I started to get used to it's design flaws but I will rather come back to my old ASUS Chromebook C201 PA.