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Rock64 doesn't boot - dstallmo - 12-19-2023

I have a setup running 4 Pine 1 boards (the first board developed by Pine).  Earlier this year I purchased a Rock64-2G as well as the power supply listed in the Pine website to use for the Rock64.  I also downloaded the Armbian software listed for the Rock64 on the Pine website.  Using the Etcher executable on Windows I installed Armbian on a micro sdcard.  Then after plugging a ethernet plug, an HDMI plug, a keyboard and mouse and finally the power cord.  A red light on the card turns on but nothing appears on the HDMI terminal.  Again, this setup works fine for my Pine 1 boards.  Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

RE: Rock64 doesn't boot - dmitrymyadzelets - 03-16-2024

It's hard to say with such little information.

You may want to see if there are some message via the serial console. The process is described here:

Try to plug of the ethernet. it may try to boot over network. Such thing happened to me.