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Pinebook Pro in EU for Sale - €90 - jan_vdk - 12-17-2023


I am selling a pinebook pro and can deliver in the EU. I am a windows guy, and ambitiously bought it with great intentions of tinkering etc. but I did not end up doing much with it.

Price: €90 + €20 shipping in the EU. I am based in Ireland, so if someone local wants to collect that's fine, or delivery should be cheaper.

  • US keyboard
  • 64gb flash
  • Default Manjaro install
  • Barrel Charger

A couple of minor issues (hence the low price); currently it does not wake from sleep which I did not look into much (various suggestions are on the forums for this). Also see from pictures part of case broken off near usb port (A common issue). New palmrest with keyboard is $22, so it's a cheap fix, and you have the choice of switching to ISO UK keyboard, or staying with ANSI US keyboard. Also 1 screw missing from case.

Some fingerprints on screen and small marks on case, but otherwise in good condition. If you're curious about the device but don't want to pay full price, this is a cheap option to try it out.

Comes with manjaro arm + kde plasma, and tow-boot installed in case you'd like to flash another OS from the SD card.

Payment via PayPal with buyer protection, please read description above carefully to avoid being disappointed for listed issues.


[Image: IMG-3213.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3505.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3204.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3205.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3211.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3213.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3207.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3209.jpg]

[Image: IMG-3206.jpg]

RE: Pinebook Pro in EU for Sale - €90 - lightmos - 02-05-2024

Hi, I'd like to buy this from you, if you still have it?

RE: Pinebook Pro in EU for Sale - €90 - 23Ro - 02-07-2024

Hi jan_vdk,

I'd also be interested in buying it if it is still available and lightmos hasn't bought it yet Smile