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Using 4GB microSD - eunf - 07-29-2016


I have a class 10 4GB microSD card that I would like to use with pine 64 1GB RAM. However, on the downloads section I can only find ROMs for 8/16/32 GB cards. Can I create a 4GB ROM by myself? How?


RE: Using 4GB microSD - MarkHaysHarris777 - 07-30-2016

hi, first make the image you are interested in, and then, mount it as a loopback device. You then can copy the contents of the mounted image file over to the 4Gb card that you're interested in.

The 4G card needs at least two partitions, 1 for /boot, and the other for the / rootfs.

I will post the directions for mounting a loopback device on here a little later...