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Dead Pinebook Pro Keyboard Keys - calinb - 08-18-2023

Now that I've rebuild all the broken nut insert mounts in my case with JB Weld epoxy, thus securing the display hinges and bottom cover again, I have several keys that appear to be almost dead. In the beginning of the problem, these half-dozen or so faulty keys were intermittently functional so somewhat usable with "re-tries" but they are no longer usable. (Very occasionally one of them might function for a single stroke.)

I've tried re-seating the ribbon cable into the mainboard connector to no avail. I very much doubt this failure is related to my repair job. Does anyone have experience with keys going dead?

What is the likelihood that replacing the keyboard with a new one from Pine64 will fix the problem? I fear the fault lies in the mainboard, in which case a repair would not be economical.

This must be my year for laptop keyboard failures. My 6 or 7 year-old HP laptop has the same problem but retries still work on it. In owning and using many laptop computers since they were invented, this is the first time I've had this failure!



RE: Dead Pinebook Pro Keyboard Keys - calinb - 08-21-2023


Good news! My Pinebook Pro fixed itself.
Bad news! That's what happened with my old HP laptop too, but the key failures eventually returned, worsened and become solid failures (though multiple key-press retries still works but is of course annoying, time-consuming and frustrating.


RE: Dead Pinebook Pro Keyboard Keys - calinb - 09-02-2023

Like my 7 year old HP laptop, the group of bad keys have failed again. Angry 

I removed the bottom cover and cleaned the keyboard ribbon cable with a Q-tip and Corrosion-X to no avail. After replacing the cover, I noticed that I can get the keys to function intermittently by applying a twisting force to the case/chassis so this must be a mechanical issue and it was probably aggravated by the epoxy repairs I made to the broken captive nut anchors. My repairs slightly changed the fit of parts and, in turn, the stress and strain on an electrical keyboard connection. I can't identify anything specifically that's amiss though. Still, it should not do this. The chassis is not visibly or detect-ably misaligned.

I hope I'm not throwing more good money after bad but, with this newly discovered symptomatic detail, I might order a new keyboard/palm case. To be fair to my PBP, i've only purchased a replacement bottom cover (screw holes in the original had enlarged) and associated screws and spacers in the couple of years I've owned it. At least my PBP and Pinephones have been good for user-serviceability.