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Powering on the Rockpro64 - JPT223 - 08-06-2023


I am new here.
I've got a Rockpro64 2.1 running Armbian_23.5.1_Rockpro64_bookworm_current_6.1.30.
I am beginning to like it. Looks robust and got a ton of connectors.
It's going to be my NAS. 

But... How to I power it on?
The POWER button shuts it down, but it doesn't turn it on again.
Do the POWER/RESET headers behave the same as the physical buttons?

What is the current state of WoL?
I only found that it is unclear why it doesn't work.

There are a few cool ATX heads from Tim Tibbets:

I am not sure if they would work with the Rockpro64.
He told me they backpower the raspberry PI through the GPIO connector, so via 5V I guess.



RE: Powering on the Rockpro64 - hoarfrosty - 09-24-2023

The general agreement is to hold the power in for two seconds, release, and push the reset once.

That works for me, but a lot of the time the white power light comes on as soon as the power cord is inserted. I’m running Manjaro arm64.