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Pinebook Pro Plus (upgraded Pinebook Pro) - acruhl - 07-18-2023

No, it doesn't exist yet. I'm just pitching an idea.

What if the Pinebook Pro was upgraded to 8 gigs of memory with an upgraded CPU. Maybe something like the Quartz64 spec.

And it was offered in a few colors, maybe adding white and grey to the current black.

Everything else could stay the same. I'm happy with the keyboard, trackpad, peripherals, and monitor.

And it cost maybe $350-$375.

I would buy it.

What other competition exists at that price that is ARM based?

I have no idea what is involved in making a laptop though, so maybe I'm way off base.

RE: Pinebook Pro Plus (upgraded Pinebook Pro) - papable - 07-28-2023

even 8GB is kinda low these days, with that amount of money people are just buying old Thinkpads or

Pine64 may help there, I wonder if they can come up with modern upgrade components for those ancient beasts, eg RAM. I even fantasize that someday pine64 produces a small sideboard like the one inside pinebook pro but will be used with Thinkpad instead to provide modern usb type-c ports. Sounds crazy but that's my dream haha.

RE: Pinebook Pro Plus (upgraded Pinebook Pro) - dachalife - 07-28-2023

8 GB is enough for standard business needs, LibreOffice & such; I was able to demonstrate that with the PineTab2 & now I’m spending my Friday installing Arch on our previous (Windows X version) team laptops.

RE: Pinebook Pro Plus (upgraded Pinebook Pro) - KC9UDX - 07-28-2023

I run LibreOffice on a 2Gb machine. By the time we get 8, 32 will be pretty much necessary. The touchpad might be my biggest, maybe only real gripe about the PBP. A Trackpoint would interest me. Someday I might figure a way to modify one of mine.