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Loving my pine phone after about a year of not - undata - 05-11-2023

I'm running:

Non-pro Pinephone, latest version.
Phosh ,the default with a very recent Manjaro for Pinephone download

That last one needed all caps because it was a big battle to get the special characters working on the function keys front bevel.
With that I have a nice pocket computer. I can run several windows, and switch between them using Alt-tab.
I am developing software in Rust and it's working grreat. Apple could not make this happen with their iPad, which I own. I never use it.

The keyboard:
Looks great. I actually spilled milk onto it, and cleaned it up with a tissue, q-tip, and alcohol prep pad. The keyboard took this punishment in stride.
After a lot of really tedious hassle, I found a way to fix the keys without making a keyboard map, kernel modules, or any recompilation of anything. It will work on Phosh.
Keyboard charging:
The charge status does not look right. But it functions correctly. Using unplugged, it stays green with the same incorrect percentage all day long. Then it will eventually turn orange,
late in the game, when the case has also stopped nourishing the battery. But it is a decent run time after all.

Why I like it:
The look is good. The utility is good. You might think the phone as a screen makes it top-heavy. But this is a benefit when you are trying to push against the screen hard enough to select something. 'gedit' on the Pinephone keyboard not only works, it is a work of art. They have the dialog popups working great, and navigating on the screen with a combination of touch and arrow keys is a joy!