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Shipping to Canada extremely costly - cptantiles - 02-26-2023

Hey everyone,

So here's the issue:

TLDR: Shipping here from Pine64 is way too expensive, even for small items.

I put in an order for the USB-C pine phone adapter. They told me they wanted more money, on top of the $30 shipping fee initially charged.
I paid for the item and the shipping. I got an email from them asking for an additional $35 for a remote delivery fee. 
My town is an hour out of a major city up here in Canada. By Canadian standards, I'm not remote. 
I've decided to cancel my order and take my money elsewhere. 
The adapter is normally around $27. With shipping and the remote fee, it was going to total to around $100. 
I'm not spending that on a $30 adapter, no matter how good it may be. 
I'm going to keep looking for other companies to do business with.



RE: Shipping to Canada extremely costly - calinb - 02-28-2023

I have the same complaint. I just ordered and already received a package of accessories from the Pine Store and shipping was only $24. Unfortunately, I was not able to repair my Pinephone so I was planning to order a new Pinephone tonight, but now they want $30 PLUS $35 "remote area surcharge ($65 total shipping), even though the package size would be no larger than the package I received a few days ago for only $24!

I live 50 minutes away from a city of about 65,000 people--hardly remote!

So after several purchases I'm no longer a Pine customer, I guess. That's a crazy charge for such a small package.