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Pinebook Pro won't turn on after flashing image - Idaho - 02-12-2023

Hi folks

I think I messed up pretty bad after trying install the latest version of Manjaro to my laptop, I downloaded the latest generic image from the website, I flashed it onto my SD card I did the setup and then flashed the image to emmc with the following command:

xzcat Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-generic-22.12.img.xz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress conv=fsync

After turning off the pinebook pro and removing the sd to boot from the emmc, it would just not turn on again, the LED does not even blink red or green...

Is there anyone around who knows if I did anything wrong and if there is some way to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your answers  Big Grin

RE: Pinebook Pro won't turn on after flashing image - wdt - 02-12-2023

generic? ?? There is no such thing in the ARM world, at least with respect to uboot
Every different cpu family has a different uboot layout, and there are more than a dozen familys,
and some are 32bit and some 64 bit
Do not confuse pinebook with pinebookpro, different cpus
Maybe it doesn't have a uboot in the first bit and ONLY the OS ??? (+ maybe a separate boot partition ??)
Anyway, take off back, disable emmc with switch near hinge line,
find a SD that boots OK, then do the switch dance,, lsblk to see if successful and what emmc is
ie /dev/mmcblkX,, what is X (emmc device has also boot0, boot1 on it, ignore them)
Then (as root) dd /dev/zero to first 32M of emmc (bs=1M count=32)
Then, effectively the emmc will be blank
Why 32M ?? So 1st partition start is also blanked, manjaro starts 1st part at 62500 sectors
(switch dance, make sure powered off, press pwr button 1s, 2s later flip emmc switch to enable)
If it doesn't work, force hard poweroff, press and hold pwr ~8s

RE: Pinebook Pro won't turn on after flashing image - Idaho - 02-21-2023

Thank your for your answer, I'm sorry i didn't update my topic but I could solve my problem, I just had to install tow-boot correctly, I think there should be a note somewhere on the wiki or on manjaro's website indicating you need to separately install tow-boot to get anything working, this wasn't the case before and this is why I got confused but once this was done it just booted as it should...