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Hard reset - Nootaku - 01-21-2023


I bought my phone 2 or 3 years ago, but back then it didn't really work out for me.
I want to try again since the software has been updated.

Problem is I really don't remember my password.

So it's impossible to sudo or root.

Which I why I would like to format the phone and do a factory reset.

Any idea how this can be done ?
I could not find it in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Hard reset - Kevin Kofler - 01-21-2023

Disclaimer: See warning below before proceeding.

Flash (dd) Jumpdrive (download and unpack the latest pine64-pinephone.img.xz) onto a MicroSD card (of basically any size (in bytes, not the physical size, which is always the same!), the smallest MicroSD cards you will find to buy nowadays are several times larger than needed), insert the MicroSD card into your PinePhone, connect the PinePhone to your computer over USB, and the computer will see the PinePhone's eMMC as a USB mass storage device. So you can dd a fresh Manjaro ARM image for the PinePhone (in the architecture popup, select ARM, then in the dropdown that defaults to GENERIC, select PINEPHONE, then choose PLASMA-MOBILE (what you probably had been using) or PHOSH DESKTOP) to the eMMC. That will include all updates up to when the image was built (which is fairly recent) and by doing that, you will also erase all modifications you did.

Warning: The above will erase (by overwriting) all data on both the MicroSD card (overwriting it with Jumpdrive) and the PinePhone's eMMC (overwriting it with the fresh Manjaro image). You have been warned!