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Catastrophic failure of bottom screw mounts - zackw - 12-28-2022

I purchased my PBP in late 2019, and I've generally been happy with the physical build quality -- up till last week, when the bottom plate fell off.  No joke. Every single one of the plastic mounts that hold the captive nuts that the bottom plate screws screw into, has shattered.


Here's what came away with the bottom plate:


Thankfully, the PINE64 store will sell me a replacement for the damaged piece of the chassis (aka "PALM CASE WITH [variety] KEYBOARD") but I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this particular failure mode.  I'm a little nervous that the exact same thing will happen in another three years Confused

RE: Catastrophic failure of bottom screw mounts - KC9UDX - 12-30-2022

Yikes! I've put some scary torque and stress on those screws on three PBPs numerous times trying to get the cover the seat properly. So I hope this isn't in my near future!

RE: Catastrophic failure of bottom screw mounts - josmo - 12-31-2022

I read some where here that the "newer" palm rest ,a less bridle plastic should be an upgrade ,mine is one of the first badges  and totally cracked to pieces and i didnt even use the pbp on a daily base or that much .
i did the hinge modification to lessen the stress on the plastic mounts...but you should be as well concerned about those tiny screw heads forcing themselves through the medal base when torquing those screws . As well not the best metal quality/design ,very thin .... already happened  on mine installing nvme 
 (Maybe tiny vinyl washer between screwhead and bottom cover  would help )
il have to replace bottom and palmrest/keyboard to put it back in prestine