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PinePhone carrier support - bucnham - 12-25-2022

Look yo! I'm not a tech savy guy, get turned into Linux/unbuntu through a tech wizard buddy, I don't care for windows, I would just like to point out or ask the people that run the pinephone64 website, to put clearly on top of the page, big bold letters what carriers this phone works/compatible with, for not tech savy folks like me!? Like why would you not do that!? Your selling a phone, carriers a pretty important, unless it don't work with none, I could understand Linux, not working with others, I've had, unbuntu a long time, and that's been a struggle with programs over the years!! Unbuntu

RE: PinePhone carrier support - dachalife - 12-26-2022

Carriers can merge or change over time, here's a link:

RE: PinePhone carrier support - rocket2nfinity - 12-27-2022

If you need it easy and simple, pick the original Pinephone, or a device from a partner project (Sailfish, Ubuntu Touch, etc). There's a nice list of compatible android device builds at