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Ethernet port down afert 1 day - jeda - 11-12-2022


I have bought 2 Pine A64+ from Ibood last week.
One of the boards has some trouble with the ethernet connection.

Everything worked just fine, but after 1 day, the network connection was dropped and my board was not accessible anymore.

This is my setup:
Serial number : 410640172333
OS : DietPi
Installed software : Webmin, docker, docker-compose

I have tried a new microsd card with a fresh installation of DietPi, but at the installation the system is complaining that there is no internet connection.
I also switched the microsd card with the one that works on the other board.
I have tried a different switch, network cabel, power supply, DHCP / static ip.
Switched the network speed to 100.
But nothing did the trick.

My network contoller (Unifi) says there is a device connected, but the device is not accesible

Ibood says i have to take contact by this forum.

So my question is, what can i do to make everything work again.

Kind regards,