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Bootloader: SD card boot quirks - crazyquark - 09-30-2022


I am currently running Tow-Boot but I noticed similar behavior with U-Boot:
- If I reboot, and try to select boot from SD - it fails, sometimes it freezes or fails to detect the linux image
- If I power cycle - most of the times I can boot from SD.

With U-boot it was similar, after a reboot, only boot from emmc was possible. But if I powered off/on, it would boot from SD.

Is this intended behavior?

RE: Bootloader: SD card boot quirks - elitegamercody - 10-04-2022

I also use Tow-Boot.
I have noticed some inconsistent behavior with SD booting as well. When I attempt to boot from SD and the card was reimaged and never had been booted from, I will sometimes get an issue where the display flashes static white and black in an occasional strobe.

I have seen consistency once I have successfully booted once from the SD card and have not removed or replaced it, though.