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u-boot locked on pine64pro - ljones - 09-05-2022


Hello all!

Just recently I bought a new emmc module for my pine64pro (64GB in size) with the intention of installing debian onto it. I can download the debian bootloader and install debian onto the emmc ok - but cannot boot from emmc (only microsd).

I think the reason for this is because somehow u-boot on my system has become "locked". It refuses to work with any usb keyboard - I do see u-boot messages and the message about pressing a key to stop uboot but it ignores all keyboard input and continues to load (so I'm unable to change anything - including trying to boot off emmc via changing a setting in u-boot).

I've tried 3 usb keyboards now and u-boot ignores them all. USB keyboards do work but only after the debian installer has finished loading.

Also if I remove the micro sd card with the debian installer on it I'm completely unable to boot., no messages or anything. Is u-boot on the emmc, sd or ?

Is there a way to clear out u-boot's settings or rewrite it? 


RE: u-boot locked on pine64pro - ljones - 09-06-2022

One further odd observation -- if I power up the rockpro64 with the micro sd card but eject it at the right moment in uboot I can boot off the emmc right into debian itself and not just the installer. Just not with it in all the time (goes to installer) or not at all (won't boot).

Update: It looks like I may have partially fixed this. For some strange reason the package u-boot-rockhip was never installed and so there was presumably no uboot on the emmc. I had to do this:

- Boot with the debian installer (but eject the card at the right moment in uboot)
- Debian loads
- Then did:

$ apt-get install u-boot-rockchip
$ u-boot-install-rockchip /dev/mmcblk2

Odd I would've thought the installer would do this.