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Looking for a Pinetab [EU] - Glenn - 08-30-2022


I'm searching for a Pinetab. it seems that it's not becoming available. If here is someone who wants to sell his/her Pinetab. I would like to buy it!

RE: Looking for a Pinetab [EU] - TRS-80 - 09-16-2022

Yeah I really wish they would do another production run. After they were able to get screens and do the recent PBP run, I guess I hoped they might be able to do a PineTab run as well. But not as of yet, sadly. I keep watching the news and hoping. I did that with PBP for a year, and finally got one. Hopefully a PineTab too, some day. Smile

RE: Looking for a Pinetab [EU] - Louis - 01-24-2023

If you're still looking I have one for sale:
Will be attending FOSDEM in Brussels next week.