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Using multiple UART's on Rock64. - ramprasad - 08-29-2022

We are currently using UART on pins 8,10 for serial console. Based on the pin diagram, there are 2 more UART's available. One set on pins 15,18 and another set on pins 33,35 which is currently used for SD card slot. We are using Ayufan's Linux kernel release-4.4.167.
We are using EMMC and SD card slot is unused. So we want to disable it and use the UART functionality instead.
How can we configure these pins to be used as UART's. Is it possible to do with dtb overlay ? Is there any User guide or manual which could guide us with this configuration ?
Also what is the max baud rate that can be achieved on these UART's ? The one used for console port is 1500000 bauds.