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Clock Setting 12 hrs - coolnine98 - 07-11-2016

How do I change my clock setting to 12hr format?

I tried right click, clock setting, set up NTP etc... but still its showing me 24 hrs. format.

RE: Clock Setting 12 hrs - MarkHaysHarris777 - 07-11-2016

The setting is in locales; where you can set other things like currency, date format, &c.

That said, learn to use a 24 hour clock; its more sophisticated, its more accurate, more people on earth tell time that way (including every government and military organization & IBM) and its just easier. The only reason people ever used a twelve hour format was that watches were easier to make that way, and most people in the 1800s were not smart enough to understand a twenty-four hour format.

QED; leave it alone.