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pinebook pro not booting - cricket - 08-17-2022

Hello, I got a pinebookpro two days ago and it was not booting, I would press the power button and nothing would happen, neither a red nor green light anywhere nothing was happening neither with a short or long press of the power button.

I read the troubleshooting guide about the emmc switch, but I didn't have the tools to open the computer. Today I got the screwdriver and as I was opening it (so not even touching any switch or anything) I heard some noise coming out of the speakers I checked the screen and the manjaro initial setup screen was there. I closed the computer back and went through the manjaro setup and I checked that everything was working (speakers, microphone, wifi).

I then prepared a SD card to install devuan on the pinebookpro ( and I was able to boot from the SD card and go to the installation process. I arrived to the part when it tells you installation is over please remove the SD card and reboot and I did, but it did not reboot.

At this point I am in a similar state that I has at the beginning I press the power button and nothing happens, no orange or green light, no reaction from the computer at all, it does not boot from the emmc cardm and it does not boot from the SD card (I even disconnected the emmc to try to make sure uboot is takn from the SD card)

Any ideas on what I could do?

RE: pinebook pro not booting - cricket - 08-17-2022

It turns out the computer was able to turn on from the SD card (with the MME disconnected), the problem seems to be that the devuan installation was not bootable, I wrote an installing image of a different distribution to the MME and now it bootd normally